Gus Wustemann is internationally active in the field of Architecture and Urbanism. He runs practices in Barcelona and Zurich since 1997.

    He obtained a Master Degree at the ETH Zurich and did an exchange in Ahmedabad, India. Prior to this, work experience has led him to places such as Sydney, New York, Paris and Bombay.He is a member of SIA and COAC.

    Gus Wustemann builds program free and open design concepts, which understand all elements as equal actors of a play and sets the frame of each concept. Simple materials in a new context and latest construction methods enable sophisticated architecture with a reasonable economical outlay.

    He sees architectural and urban design as an instrument to catalyze life on all levels of society with no hierarchy of esthetic, moral or material, through experiment and analysis. Living rooms become outside spaces. Mediterranean lifestyle find its way into the Northern hemisphere.