Pages: 058-059
Text: Alexandra Onderwater
Photos: Bruno Helbling

"Is the interior of your house too dark? Does its history demand respect but its layout a more coherent approach? Architect Gus Wustemann looked at his apartement in Barrio Gotico, the historic heart of Barcelona, and saw both sides of the story. His rigorous intervention has breathed new life into the dwelling while leaving its medieval brick walls and raw plaster surfaces intact.

Rather then gutting and completely reorganizing the interior, Wüstemann added an ingenious 190m2 cruciform insertion. Crusch Alba, or "white cross", is a dettached polyurethane volume that appears to lift his contents - kitchen and bathroom - to a higher level . The contrast between the old walls and ceilings and the gleaming streamlined cross at the core of interior is reinforced by lighting along the periphery- the delineation between old and new - which gives a cross an aura of brightness.

Wüstemann says the result ' can be used as a loft or as a three-bedroom apartment.' "