hotel mondrian paris

Location: Paris, France
Year: 2013
Program: Invited competition
Client: Morgans Hotel Group
Team: Gus Wüstemann, Silvia Pujalte, Sandy Brunner, Pierre Hermans, Balthasar Zimmermann

Hotel Mondrian Paris

Ancient spaces play when new energies meet: a passage through Paris

The ancient space is dressed to make new energies meet.
The space stays free to let energy flow.
New synergies are born every day and every night.

The guests meet Paris. They have a timeless stroll through Paris, fantasy, seduction, pure atmosphere and people.
The passage is the historical Paris full of design intention.

All the rooms are facing the passage with doors and windows (restaurant, bar, reception, library, hallways). They are the atmospheric content, they tell the story of Paris, full of life and passion. Like a writer or painter that strolls through the lively Paris old town and sees and hears all the colours and noises coming from the houses. Seduction: what is going on inside?

Our insides are themes.
The reception is a salon of plush red velvet. The meeting room is like an old parisian bank office. Fine leather dominates the surfaces of the new built-in elements within the ancient walls of the building. Every interior has one main material shining onto the passage giving seduction and warmth, captivating and inviting the passer-by to enter and join the life inside.

This is Mondrian Paris lifestyle.