sports center

Location: Greifensee, Zürich
Year: 2000

sports center

masek weber wüstemann @ Convertion Sports Center Migros Greifensee, ZH-CH
Study Commission 2nd place

To come to a proper solution to enhance the sports center greifensee and give it a new identity, it was necessary to understand the organization and programmatical flow of its users. Our complex program solution and the attractive scenery on the site next to the lake of Greifensee generate an exiting field of tension. We insert a new passage, a light body, between the old tennis hall and the multipurpose hall, organizing and touching all the existing and new buildings, it breathes new life into them. In this passage all the different flows of people (users) meet at the central point – the reception desk – and then disperse into different worlds. This exciting space is created by the interplay of all different programs; those are the elements earth (a platform starting at the summer bath, folding over the restaurant, resting on the passage), water (bath landscape and sauna), fire (fitness arena) and air (multipurpose hall).

Each element represents a specific program, but they are connected through the light. The strategic position of the entrance and the reception is of great importance, as it is the knot of all flows and traffic and has to be accessible from everywhere. From there the flows of users disperse. That’s why we situated the entrance in the north, directly and easily accessible from the underpass. We enter the passage over an orange (colors of migros) passarelle. On our way towards the reception we are followed by space images, indicating the exciting worlds of fitness we’ll enter. There we see directly the outside nature through the fitness arena and a rather mysterious blue picture of a space; the so longed for bath and relaxation.

These spatial and programmatical interactions are generated by the different elements themselves, as they are sculpturally perceivable within each other. The bath was pushed from the outside into the fitness arena, taking on the geometry towards nature. This movement allows three sites to open towards nature at the same time; the fitness arena, the bath landscape and the passage have a window to the green. The restaurant is the meeting place and situated at the top of the passage, on the platform landscape on the fringe to nature. There should arise a feeling of shelter and comfort to be close to nature and at the same time integrated in the context of the building. The roof of the restaurant is passable and works as a sun deck and view terrasse to the lake of Greifensee.

The staircase itself is actually as well a tribune to sunbathe and leads to the big skid finally ending in the former winter bath.