Location: zürich
Year: 2004
Program: refurbishment - loft
Team: alexander thieme, gus wustemann, ronny ott
Engineer: Hans Frei + CO. AG


Originally, this space was the atelier of the former painting school, around 1908. A big skylight provided the so important northern light for the painters and sculptures. In a later conversion of the house in the thirties of the last century, the original sky light was reduced to a small fragment and the open studio space got divided into 5 small rooms.

Our intention, following the overall concept by generating new aspects out of old fragments, was to reinstall the room as one space and to revive the idea of the big skylight as the heart of this place.
So we tore down all the walls and created a new skylight, which we understand as a light sculpture with an L-shape, we call it the light frame.

The light frame cuts through the roof of the atelier and functions as a light up bar for the terrace above, a glass cube. Entering the studio the light frame passes into a textile light sculpture, hosting the shower and toilet inside and lighting the space day and night (artificially).
The section of the bathroom is an L-shape. One can strip the frame in all dimensions, so the ceiling can be moved horizontally, leaving us with a traditional sky lightThe spot and size of that window inside the window is chosen for there is a view to the sky, but no one can look into the space from the terrace above.
By stripping the light frame, programs apply to the flat. So is the bathroom only generated, if one side of the light frame is open, offering a big mirror and corresponding with the sink.
Otherwise the sink is just a hole in wooden block. this block is the second and massive element inside the studio, containing all needed programs like kitchen, bathroom, bar, working desk and even cloth washing machine.

The intention to create a light sculpture rather than a bathroom with glass walls is underlined by the textile surface of the light frame (the inside are translucent polyester planks, skobalit) which makes it so light and fragile, with no massive presence.
Only air is lighter...